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Paul Bierman Entertrainer geeft een presentatie training

presentation training - fear of public speaking coaching - workshop pitching


A presentation that really touches and is remembered for a long time, is that for everyone?

Can you give a pitch that promotes the success of your company time and time again?

The answer to both questions is yes, as long as you know what you can use.


Fear of public speaking arises from the assumption that you will not be able to find the right words and that you will be devoured by your audience. But what if I told you that I can give you all the keys to give a pitch or presentation that is steady like a house? A house on solid foundations in terms of content, form and transfer.


Attention from the first second and loud applause at the end. Your message deserves it, you deserve it, your audience deserves it. Think what it would do to your personal development, to your influence, to your company or department, to your career. Public speaking is for everyone, I will teach you how. Not just any presentation training, but a solid foundation for all your future performances in front of an audience.


Program 'improve public speaking'


Program 'Pitching 2.0'

Workshop 'presenting'


Course 'giving a (wedding) speech'

For whom?

Managers and professionals who:

  • want to present with more impact and confidence

  • want to be remembered

  • want to take steps in their career

For whom?

Entrepreneurs who:

  • want to put their company on the map

  • want to give a pitch at network meetings that will be remembered and generate leads

  • learns to identify the customer's needs and link them to their unique offering

For whom?

Companies that:

  • want to help their employees improve their skills when it comes to presentations, both offline and online

For whom?

Private individuals who:

  • want to get rid of their fear of speaking

  • want to give a speech that can move people and delight them

  • want to be able to give a speech that is memorable

This course can also be followed for a speech at a funeral or another big event.


I bring a number of worlds together. My corporate career taught me that content cannot exist without transmission. Death by PowerPoint is still the greatest sin. My company is not called Entertrainer for nothing. I train you to entertain. Presenting is above all an experience. This can also be done with image, sound, attributes, voice, body and in many other ways. 

My experience with theater, cabaret and casual performances taught me to love the stage. How you can use the stage to maximally convey your message with contrast, passion and, above all, contact with your audience. 

I am also a city guide in Amsterdam. Here I learned to take the art of storytelling to a higher level. People like stories, not facts. 

If you add all those backgrounds together you get a nice mix. You can rest assured that I will pass on those qualities to you, so that you too learn to speak with confidence. 

I have developed a unique method: 'The Presentation House'. Every room teaches you a lesson. In the library we will expand your knowledge of the subject. In the guest room we will investigate who your message is intended for and what your audience wants from you. In the kitchen we will prepare a starter, main course and dessert for them. We will also pack a nice attribute from the attic, we deal with your fears in the Panic Room :-), and there are 10 more rooms. Let me show you around and I will give you all the keys to give a presentation that is steady like a house. 





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