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How do you open a presentation?

Updated: Oct 27, 2023

Today I am going to introduce you to the new possibilities of my product. I'm going to show you the old functionalities first and then I'll reveal the new ones. I will then show you what this can mean for you and there is of course room for questions.

Are you asleep yet...?

Nothing is more boring than announcements about the content of a presentation. If you want the attention, take it! Be courageous and open, for example, with a provocative statement: Toothbrush attachments look much cooler in your ear!

Or with a few questions:

How many of you struggle with the wires of your headphones? Hands please.

And who wants a cool solution at an acceptable price?

I am an engineer from Stoffelen and have found a way to convert discarded electric brush heads into hi-tech earpods. And, as an extra, also clean your ears! And so on.

A statement with newsvalue that meets the audience's demand receives immediate attention. If you ask a question and follow it up with an in-depth question, you have immediate interaction. There is no escape. And then you take them with you on your journey, your unique insights and experiences. At the end of the presentation you come back to that statement or question and complete the circle with a catchy conclusion.

An alternative is to bring an image or object onto the stage that immediately catches attention. Or do a trick before your presentation. But be careful, you have to come from a good background because the risk of failure is high with sub-optimal performance.

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