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For whom?

Managers or professionals who:

  • want to present with more impact and confidence

  • want to be remembered

  • want to take steps in their career


This is not presentation training. This program is intensive. Presenting is not a soft skill, it is a life skill. From competent to confident. You will enjoy this for a lifetime. 

The result of this program is:

  • that you gain insight into all the elements that can ensure that your presentation is rock solid, including:

    • A bucket of trust

    • Connection with your audience

    • Your input as a person

    • An optimal structure

    •  The right tone and words

  • that you learn how to use these elements in a way that suits you as a person

  • that you come together and leave a deep impression so that your message and yourself are well represented

Programm beter spreken

How are we going to achieve that:

I am going to use my unique method: 'The Presentation House'. Unique because you remember the techniques better if you link them to a room.  Every room teaches you a lesson. In the library we will expand your knowledge of the subject. In the guest room we will investigate who your message is intended for and what your audience wants from you. In the kitchen we will prepare a starter, main course and dessert for them. We will also pack a nice attribute from the attic, we deal with your fear of speaking in the Panic Room:-), and there are 10 more rooms. Let me show you around and I will give you all the keys to give a presentation that is rock solid. 


Content of the program:

Each day session lasts 2.5 hours:

Day 1: Intake: We will investigate your needs, your strengths and weaknesses, and what kind of goals you want to achieve. 

Day 2, 3 and 4: The Presentation House. 

  • We will cover all elements that play a role in presenting in 3 sessions. 

  • You will understand its effect and you will practice with it. 

  • These sessions work with video. Not only from yourself, but also videos of speeches that demonstrate those elements well.

  • There are also references to podcasts and books worth studying

Day 5: Preparing for the speech or presentation that you will soon give

Bonus: You are welcome to join me as a city guide in Amsterdam and then you can judge me on everything I use during my tour. 


Investment: Eur 1,750,- excl. VAT.

(half in advance, the other half to be paid afterwards)


Content of the program:

Each day session lasts 2.5 hours:

Day 1: Research brand, offer and entrepreneur:

  • What makes the brand unique?

  • What makes the product unique?

  • What makes the entrepreneur unique?

Day 2: Who is the customer and what is his pain?

Day 3: Compose pitch

Day 4: Practicing pitch

Day 5: Preparing and attending pitch in business environment


Investment: EUR 1,500 excl. VAT




For whom?

Entrepreneurs who:

  • want to put their company on the map

  • want to give a pitch at network meetings that will be remembered and generate leads

  • learns to identify the customer's needs and link them to their unique offering


Presenting is not a soft skill, it is a life skill. From competent to confident. You will enjoy this for a lifetime. 

The result of this program is:

  • that you learn to understand which elements play a role in a good pitch, such as:

    • Identify the customer's pain

    • Responding to that pain

    • Linking the customer's needs to your unique offering

    • Introduce your person and give it color

  • let the customer take the next easy step

  • that you can give a distinctive elevator pitch or network pitch that puts you on the map and generates leads

Programma pitchen 2.0
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For whom?

Companies that:

  • want to help their employees improve their skills when it comes to presentations, both offline and online.

The result of this workshop is:

  • The content of the presentations will be shared with more impact

  • Employees gain more confidence

  • Job satisfaction is increased

Content of the workshop:


Morning: Play with 'The Presentation House', which contains all the secrets of an impactful presentation. 

Afternoon: Presenting to each other, giving feedback and polishing until every participant gives a rock-solid presentation.


Online presentation simulation and optimization


Investment: Eur 1,500,- excl. VAT

workshop presenteren


bw_H6I8806 copy_edited.jpg


For whom?

Private individuals who:

  • want to get rid of their fear of speaking

  • want to give a speech that can move people and delight them

  • want to be able to give a speech that is memorable

This course can also be taken for a funeral speech, or a speech for another big event.

The result of this workshop is:

  • more confidence when speaking in public or in front of a large group

  • learn how to give a personal speech that can both move and delight

  • can give a speech without fear that your audience will remember for a long time

This course can be followed individually or in a small group. If you want to take this course as an individual, it is also possible to take it 1-on-1 online.

Investment: on request

cursus (bruiloft) speech geven

The Entertrainer can also be hired as a Chairman, Energizer and/or Quizmaster.

Request a quote or more information here:

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