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'If you want to be sexy....'

Updated: Nov 14, 2023

....'slow down everything you do.' Anxiety often leads to an accelaration of words per minute. Time pressure has the same effect. A well known trap is trying to be complete and filling up space with as much as information as possible withing the time provided to you.

But be honest, how do you think it feels to be ran over by a high speed train? Trust me, not nice. 'If you want to be sexy, slow down everything you do'. Please don't take this litteraly. Play with cadence and intensity.


First kill your darlings when you put together your presentation. Don't try to be complete, try to engage. Rather shoot a few arrows right in the bullseye (heart) than a dozen misses. What's your main takeaway for your audience? What do you want them to feel? And how can you best contribute to that feeling? Images? Words? Music? Excersize? Props?

Be brave. Embrace the silence. Be uncomfortable. Those majestic silences are filled with thoughts of each an anyone in your audience. They are invisable but fly through the room just like your words just did that caused those thoughts. Use those seconds to reconnect. Presenting is not just sending. Receiving is just as important.

Good luck!

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